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Mystery behind Puri Jagannath Temple

Indian History

All over the world, including India, many people might know about Odisha as a small state in East India, but the name of Puri certainly has a high recall value across the world for being the land of Lord Jagannath which is famous for its annual Ratha Yatra. Jagannath Pu

The mysterious SEALED Door of the INDIAN ancient Padmanabhaswamy temple

Indian History

The mysterious door of the ancient Padmanabhaswamy temple is protected by two massive cobras painted on it and has no bolts, latches or any other means of entry. It is said to house unimaginable wealth, and can only be entered by a high level ‘SADHUS’ familiar with the

The Most Maginificient Sun God Temple In Arasavalli

Indian History

Whats most facinating about this temple is that twice every year the Sun's rays will fall directly to the feet of Sun's idol which is in the sanctum sanctorum, the innermost sanctum of a Hindu temple where resides the murti (idol) of the Sun's deity of the temple. This

Hyderabad Most Haunted Places

Indian History

This 40 year old building is in Warasiguda, Hyderabad near to Sridevi Nursing Home. There is also one temple near this building. As per locals one Mr. Lakshman Rao brought this Dedh Lakh Ghar for Rs. 1 lakh 60 thousands which is very big amount 40 years back. Dedh Lakh


20 Amazing Hotels You Must Visit

The St. Regis Bali Resort is an award-winning beachfront hotel set amongst nine hectares of lush tropical landscape. The resort’s private villas are the only in Nusa Dua with direct access to a pristine white sand beach. The outstanding luxury and breathtaking location

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