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The heart of Rwanda’s reinvention.. The post It’s time to visit Kigali, Rwanda, one of Africa’s most influential cities appeared first on Matador Network..

What to do in Kigali, Rwanda

Mountain gorillas are Rwanda’s wealth. But if you don’t have a few thousand dollars to spare — yes, that’s how expensive it is to see gorillas — or don’t have the time to hit the verdant volcanic mountains, Rwanda’s capital city is a destination in itself. Since the end

Rent a boat and start exploring. . The post The best way to experience Cinque Terre is from the sea appeared first on Matador Network..

The best way to explore Cinque Terre

The name Cinque Terre simply means “five lands.” This Italian pentad, a UNESCO World Heritage site dating to the 11th century, beguiles travelers with its brightly painted fishing cottages, tucked-in harbors, and high cliffs plunging into the Ligurian Sea. But the quest

120 of 185 national animals are mammals.. The post Every country’s national animal and their conservation status, mapped appeared first on Matador Network..

National animal conservation status

There are national flags, colors, songs, fruits, dances, and instruments. But arguably the national symbol that most people care about is none of those things. It’s the national animal that gets all the love and interest. Some national animals are well-known as the coun

Don’t just point at the menu.. The post Beyond the basics: How to order pho like a pro appeared first on Matador Network..

How to order pho

Phở is considered the national dish of Vietnam. Along with banh mi, it’s also the dish that people in the US are most familiar with. Or at least familiar enough that they feel comfortable walking into a restaurant and vaguely ordering phở. But just like you wouldn’t wal

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