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Works of art made to be trampled.. The post Guatemala has the most colorful Easter traditions in the world appeared first on Matador Network..

Best Easter traditions in Guatemala

For devout Christians across the globe, the last week of Easter is known as Semana Santa or “Holy Week,” an intense festival of colorful imagery and religious symbology. Arguably the most expressive and elaborate celebrations, featuring float-filled parades and deafenin

Not your grandma’s flower garden.. The post 9 big, beautiful botanical gardens around the world appeared first on Matador Network..

Best botanical gardens in the world

Lots of cities have botanical gardens. Few cities have botanical gardens worth prioritizing over every other attraction. These nine horticultural institutions do flora better than anyone, with beautifully landscaped gardens and thoughtfully curated greenhouses that alon

It doesn’t get more peaceful than this.. The post A lighthouse in the Canary Islands has been converted into a luxury hotel appeared first on Matador Network..

Canary Islands lighthouse hotel

Many visitors to the Canary Islands flock to popular Tenerife, but this might be your excuse to explore the lesser-traveled island of La Palma. A 152-year-old active lighthouse, called Faro Punta Cumplida, has been converted into a boutique hotel with three luxury suite

Advice from a true expert.. The post This guy smoked cannabis at every single coffeeshop in Amsterdam so you don’t have to appeared first on Matador Network..

Amsterdam cannabis coffeeshop guide

Amsterdam’s coffeeshops have a vaulted reputation. Travelers from around the world come to experience the cannabis-friendly coffeeshops that have made Amsterdam the marijuana capital of Europe. They’ve also, undoubtedly, caused more than a little confusion with people j

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